Friday, September 2, 2011

Announcing Kurt's newest print "Gallows Hill", this one is a limited edition of 12, each print is signed and numbered.

"Gallows Hill"
Kurt Wiscombe 2011
Etching on Paper
Limited Edition of 12
Signed and Numbered
Image Size- 8 x 15 cm (Overall Print Size- 25 x 32.5 cm)
$40. (Plus Shipping)

This print has been printed on high quality Arches lined paper, the reason I chose this paper was to be as close to the paper that was commonly used to print on in the early days of print (from about the 1400's to the 1800's), which is within the time period I was thinking about when creating this work (the late 1700's, before the days of the long drop). It is referred to as lined paper because when you hold it up to the light you can see lines (sort of like a water mark), this is due to the way the paper was made. - KW